Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology is known for facilitating innovation, responsiveness, and agility, which ultimately leads to positive transformation in enterprises and software products. At Cogniti, we primarily help to enhance the economical as well as security profits from the comprehensive solutions of cloud services.

Resulting from a deep study of the existing business model, we offer the most suitable cloud-based solution. One point motive of our company remains to reduce the corporate cost while maintaining improved output. Instead of sticking to the sales approach, we let our clients be the king and help them identify their business needs on their own.

Trusted as the
best cloud service providers,
we work closely with our clients, determining their business objective. Our team will let you analyze different options of cloud by providing a clear view of cloud strategy, integration challenges, security, architectural roadmap, and cost-effective options.

Most prominently, our strategies inculcate the real-time value and serve as the backbone of your organization.

The ample experience of our team helps in offering cloud services to the plethora of businesses for many years. To maintain our broad base of clients, we have adopted the proper cloud infrastructure, which is likely to reduce the data risk and improve operational effectiveness.

Being the pioneer of the
cloud hosting service provider,
we understand how important is your data, and that’s why we provide the maximum scope of security and data reusability. We promise to increase the performance and crack the competition in the market as efficiently as possible. As a whole, the cloud-based network designed by us is recommended to every organization to reduce the network downtime and store the data safely.

Advisory Services

We offer strategic and challenging solutions to geaux maids business by identifying the right cloud-based applications. Hereby, we examine and analyze the client’s requirements with well-designed architecture models and following the industry standards. By doing so, businesses can increase operational flexibility, business scalability and elevate their business at a faster rate than before. Find moving company here.

Our services are flexible, reliable and cost savings model that is implemented through cloud computing solutions. By using our services our clients can get the leap towards finding innovative solutions and strategies to optimize their conversions.

  • Business Analytics & Assessment
  • Road Map
  • Strategy
  • Proof Of Concept

Migration Services

We are the best in class safe cloud migrating service provider who has a rich industry experience in PaaS, IaaS and SaaS platforms. We maintain private, public and hybrid infrastructures to offer professional services throughout the migration service.

Nevertheless, we test the program several times after the migration so that our clients don’t miss out important data and are quickly optimized as per the requirements. By using our unique feature, our clients can automatically move their existing server applications to a different cloud platform with much ease and safely.

We look forward to helping your business success today for a better tomorrow.

  • App analysis & Prioritization
  • Solution Design
  • Architecture Definition
  • Migration strategy & Execution Plan

Implementation Services

We follow the methodological way to implement cloud service to our clients that achieve a long-term goal. Our experts in cloud computing thoroughly understand client’s requirements that can increase their overall performance.

Our company expertise in all leading cloud offerings such as in AWS, Google, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle etc. Following to this, we also provide dedicated solutions to our clients that are based on customers’ expectations and requirements.

As a matter of fact, our implementation services include competitive research, rigid analysis, and recommendations. The result obtained is then analyzed using latest frameworks for a smoother functioning on the cloud.

  • Architecture & Implementation
  • Automated Deployment
  • Security Controls & Governance
  • Testing & Performance Optimization

Managed Services

We offer stable, secure and security monitored cloud environment that minimizes risk to your business. Nevertheless, our services are a complete package of monitoring threats, creating backups and deployments of latest frameworks. Visit actionac.net.

Cloud managing service also includes shared governance of technology that uses the latest application standards and also supports virtual desktop infrastructure. We formulate the complete cloud managing services by:

  • 24 X 7 support
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Response & Resolution
  • Performance & Cost Optimization

Try out our simplified, automated cloud management services for your organization that will help you to increase productivity and improve IT Governance.