Job Description

  • Communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of departments and the organization as a whole.
  • Work with external stakeholders to understand and investigate feedback into the service/function/product provided.
  • Use data modeling practices to analyze your findings and create suggestions for strategic and operational improvements and changes.
  • Identify the processes and information technology required to introduce your recommendations.
  • Gain agreement, usually from senior management, of the best method of introducing your recommendations to the business.
  • Communicate the benefits of your recommendations across departments and help to address any uncertainty and concern.
  • Produce written documentation to support your work, report on your findings and to present to stakeholders when necessary.
  • Ensure plans are made and processes are created to evaluate the impact of the changes made, including taking responsibility for overseeing and reporting on this evaluation.
  • Create direct channels of communication to software and application developers that get the job done without managerial interjection.
  • Identify business trends utilizing real data, compile analysis reports that are delivered to developers and then follow-up on all results.
  • Implement a comprehensive management plan for each project and hold regular stakeholder meetings to keep all interested parties updated in project progress.
  • Determine and document user requirements for business processes and abide by those requirements for future projects.
  • Ability to work under pressure on multiple projects within your project timeframes.
  • Excellent analytical skills and an informed, evidence-based approach.
  • Strong interest in Pre sales Activities.
  • Evaluating Key Performance Indicators.