Big Data

Data, if managed and upsized correctly, is a million dollar asset, but if there is a loophole in data management, it will not only lead to additional investment but will also affect the security of the organization. Organizations today are continuously searching for a comprehensive approach that can help them to manage the plethora of complex data. Cogniti is one of the most prominent Big Data service providers offering the excellent services to all our clients. Big Data is our core expertise, we have team of esteemed professionals who intensely works to find the innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Our team is equipped with the right skills and tools to let you harness the power of data without any hefty investment. Capturing millions of records, including unstructured, structured, and biometric data, we have helped our clients improve the social security net. The process is made to enable fraud detection and prevents duplication of data, hence making the data operations easier and swift.

We gather data from each platform to which your business is associated with, including social media and web click streams. As a result, the business analyst, as well as owners, can review their data report across all the sources. We aim to offer 360 views of data to our clients and by our continuous, we have even succeeded in it.

As a whole, big data analytics will certainly help to understand your customer in a better way. You will able to acknowledge their actual interests and can focus on that particular segment.

Our team of Big Data experts will let your recognize the existing solution to all your data related complexities and will assist you in integrating Big Data into your overall IT roadmap and architect. Resulting to the integration, clients can insight new revenue source across the various segments of the organization. We also let our customers identify revenue leakage, fraud, and profitability.

Big Data Consulting

We offer strategic and challenging solutions to your business by identifying the right cloud-based applications. Hereby, we examine and analyze the client’s requirements with well-designed architecture models and following the industry standards like water damage restoration. By doing so, businesses can increase operational flexibility, business scalability and elevate their business at a faster rate than before.

Our services are flexible, reliable and cost savings model that is implemented through cloud computing solutions. By using our services our clients can get the leap towards finding innovative solutions and strategies to optimize their conversions.

We get into a series of proved steps:

  • Business Analytics & Assessment
  • Road Map
  • Strategy
  • Proof Of Concept

Big Data Development And Maintenance

We create a big data ecosystem by developing custom applications, including Data Management, Data Provisioning, and Data consumption

We will cover :

  • Custom Application Development
  • Big Data Application Integration Services
  • Integrating Big Data with existing Enterprise Data Sources
  • Migration Services

Big Data Analytics

Our Big Data Solutions specialists will simplify the integration and installation of Big Data by eliminating the complexity of writing Hadoop Code. We provide frameworks for custom data connectors to control the data flow between Hadoop and other file formats and will perform:

Other file formats and will perform :

  • Inferential Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning/Data Mining
  • Data Modeling
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Analytics Optimization
  • Data Visualization Solutions