Who We Are

Cogniti Digital Solutions is a rapidly growing product and information technology service company dedicated to empowering business transformation. An all-embracing range of software solutions along with a never-ending listing of IT services unambiguously earmarks our organization to deal with the ever-changing digital needs and demands of an assortment of industry verticals.

Cogniti has been and always will be an enabler that lets customers envisage their digital futurity in a novel yet singular fashion. We choose to go the extra mile by implementing an unparalleled pattern of up-to-the-minute technologies and our germane expertise to process seamlessly.

What We Do

At Cogniti Digital Solutions, we offer and develop much more than software services and solutions.

We facilitate you offer a holistic customer experience through the overlapping of cloud computing, mobility, big data, robotic process automation, software development and operation and other technologies endorsed by fundamental IT platforms that avail you get your products to the market quicker.

Regardless of your whereabouts in your digital transmutation, we can serve you accomplish the transcendence, way before your business rivals!

How We Do

Bankable Partner for a Digital Transformation

At Cogniti, we give our clients and businesses a digital advantage. Since technology ceaselessly cuts off the norms, our clients rely on us to channelize them through a digital shift – that is effective and successful as well. We embrace this very strategy, putting our best foot forward to continue as the trustworthy IT partner that offers a digital edge to our clients.

Empower Your Business to Compete in the Digital Age

Cogniti empowers businesses to stay ahead of the game by offering them cutting-edge digital trends fused with our radically distinctive digital services and solutions. Our technology expertise enables us to deliver innovative digital solutions in Application Development & Maintenance, Product Engineering Services, Independent Testing and other new age digital technologies.

Join Hands with Cogniti for a Digital Makeover

As a product based Information Technology Company, we are made up of technology developers, programmers, designers, engineers, analysts, architects and other crucial technical and non-technical geeks. But as a team, our ultimate business objective is one and the same – delivering a seamless customer experience, business efficiency, and actionable vision through sophisticated technologies.

Furthermore, Cogniti operates a dedicated Centre of Competency (CoCs) for Mobility, Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics, Cloud, Big Data, DevOps, Enterprise Portals, UI/UX, Social Engagement, Microsoft Technologies and Open Source to deliver tangible business values to customers across the globe.

Expertise & Strength

Our deep expertise in market trend intelligence and Strength in implementing market competitive technologies will orchestrate and deliver organization goals and realize value in improved customer experience.

Moving the business ahead of growth curve

Our proven experience will enable the organization to achieve the growth ahead of market Competition by enabling key market performers.

Enable the Digital Capability to enhance customer experience

Our expertise in digital capabilities will enable digital channels and improve customer experience in upscaling the organization end user experience.

Value Optimization

Our strategy and proven application road map will optimize the organization investment and growth model.


To be a Global IT Company that is respected by its Customers, Competitors and Employees for its Technological Excellence, Service Quality, Corporate Ethics and Governance.


Ensure customer delight by understanding their business needs and deliver high quality, value-added services delivery, on-time and within-budget.


  • Customer-First
  • Learning & Sharing
  • Customer-driven excellence
  • Respect for individuals
  • Trust with Confidence
  • Responsible Corporate Citize

Engagemental Model

Dedicated Team service is getting more and more attention in recent years. Working on the particular project, a professional has a possibility to learn thoroughly what the clients’ requirements are complete them as efficiently as possible.

Advisory Services in dedicated team service

  • Skilled professionals working just for you
  • Ability to select, manage and control team members for your project
  • Direct access to each team member
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Higher level of project security control, IP rights protection and confidentiality
  • Negotiable cost depending on your requirements
  • No start up or maintenance costs or taxes
  • Direct contact

Time & Material model is developed for long-term projects, when it is difficult to estimate the required resources and thus plan the budget. This model provides you with a possibility to pay for company’s services in parts according to the payment agreement specified by the contract. After both sides have agreed on time limits, software, hardware, human and other resources required for your project, we would invoice you a monthly or weekly charge.


  • Flexible and negotiable budget
  • Possibility to pay in parts
  • Direct access to each team member
  • Low risk: project development can be changed or canceled at any stage


  • No strictly defined time limits
  • The project budget is less controlled
  • The client is highly involved into the development process including the clearance and approval of time-sheets

The Fixed Budget Model is an ideal variant in case a client has determined the specifications of his project clearly. At this point we analyze client’s requirements in order to estimate the cost of the project, its delivery date and workout a detailed plan of project completion.

Advisory Servicesin dedicated team service


  • Fixed budget: buyer has predictability of his costs
  • Well-defined time limits
  • Exact development plan and technical documentation


  • Requirements must be defined before the project starts
  • Additional requests are paid over budget
  • Resources are managed by the project manager and they may vary depending on the conditions

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